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2023-2024 Season

August 17 - May 15


July 26th at 9am - current students

July 28th - new students

Our dress code is required for all classes every week. Click Here: Dress Code

A yearly registration fee of $25 applies every August.

Dress Code Fitting

Families will be able to enter in our registration raffle to win D&ATJ Swag!
All new and returning students need to attend one of these dates below if they need any new shoes, dress code attire, and/or swag needed for the new season.
Sign-up for a time slot within our designated time frame.

August 2nd 4:00-7:00pm
August 10th 5:00-8:00pm
Sign up for a time slot HERE.

Session Pricing (8 weeks)

1st session August 17 - October 11

40 min class - $121

55 min class - $140

70 min class - $174

85 min class - $212

Intro to Breakdancing - $156

Breakdancing I & II - $312

*No refunds
*No proration for late registration 
*Class make-ups available within the same session
*Multi class discounts (10% discount off e
ach class starting with 3rd class for the individual student or 3rd class for the family.) Company rehearsal classes do not apply.
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